Teaching is an important aspect of our faculty lives, and Williams faculty teach an incredibly broad range of courses, with an equally varied range of teaching styles. We can learn a great deal from this variety and from each other, along with other resources available to inspire and strengthen our teaching.

Teaching Resources

Teaching and Advising at Williams includes information on how to put together a reading packet; first-year advising; academic accommodations; teaching assistants, and other pertinent information for teaching faculty

Pedagogy Corner includes helpful information on syllabus construction and course design and statements to include when preparing syllabi

Resources on Developing Courses includes information about developing experiential learning courses, obtaining additional funding for course travel, and identifies our allies in developing our courses and syllabi

Online Teaching and Writing Resources includes resources on teaching writing, as well as early semester strategies, designing effective writing assignments, and writing for science, humanities, and social science courses; also includes resources for faculty about faculty writing

First3 includes information about our flagship program designed to offer pedagogical insight and professional support to all faculty and fellows in their first three years at Williams

Teaching Through Emotions includes information on a series of one-on-one collaboration, workshops and support groups for faculty based on the idea that teaching is an emotional exercise, and that ignoring emotions in teaching can lead to misalignment, ineffectiveness, and burnout.

NetWorking Opportunities includes general information on all-faculty lunches, all-faculty retreats, seminars, and other opportunities to strengthen and support teaching for Williams faculty

Videos on Teaching from Williams Colleagues

Teaching Tips from Williams Colleagues

Teaching Students from Underrepresented Groups provides information about teaching strategies and resources for reaching our growing, diverse student body.