For Late-Career Faculty

At the later stages of one’s academic career, faculty are often in reflective mode about their professional life, with an eye toward setting goals for what they hope to accomplish before retirement. The majority of our late-career faculty—those who are well into the tenured rank of full professor—maintain a highly active, rigorous, and enjoyable professional life. Many of our faculty continue to participate in and impact the life of the college in substantial ways, including as chairs and in senior leadership positions. They also continue to make significant contributions to their respective fields.

At every stage of their careers, faculty from all ranks and academic units can be helpful resources for each other, and the same holds true especially for those at the late-career stage.  The Dean of the Faculty can be a pivotal partner as faculty in this phase of academic life consider their past, current, and future faculty lives.

Below are resources to aid you as you navigate your life as a late-career faculty at Williams and beyond. This list is not at all meant to be exhaustive. Be sure to return for site updates!