For Early-Career Faculty

Faculty arrive at Williams with different experiences, expertise and goals. Additionally, each faculty member has varied aspirations and needs for their professional development, which may well shift over the course of one’s trajectory at the college. For those of you who may be new to Williams, and/or new to a faculty career, we are excited to share some resources that may guide you toward a dynamic, fulfilling, and robust professional life.

We are committed to furthering the professional development of faculty members as teachers, scholars/artists, and contributors to college governance, and we seek to provide support for continuing growth in these areas. Every faculty member has access to a range of college resources for professional development. Information about many of these resources can be found on the NetWorks website.

Whether you are at Williams for a semester, a few years, or your entire academic career, a common starting point for many of our faculty is the effort required to find one’s bearings. While rewarding, faculty life can be intense, and especially so when we consider the demands of life at a residential college. At the early stage of one’s career, then, taking the important steps toward achieving balance in the areas of  teaching, creative endeavors and service to the profession is key.

There is no single model of professional success at Williams, and creating a community of support to help you establish long-term individual, realistic professional goals is an invaluable initial step. It is important to know that at Williams, achieving tenure is not the only means of creating a full, sustainable intellectual life. Our community of faculty, whether non-permanent and permanent, are highly productive (and fulfilled!) scholars, thinkers, and teachers.

Below are resources to aid you as your consider your pathway in the professoriate at Williams and beyond, and especially in the early career stages. This list is not at all meant to be exhaustive. Be sure to return for site updates!