Support Services

Academic Resources

Academic Resources ( A compendium of services and programs collaboratively administered by student coordinators and the full-time Director Joyce P. Foster and the Assistant to the Director Jean St. Jacques that include: Disability Support Services Math & Science Resource Center (MSRC) Peer Tutoring Program… Continue reading »

Psychological Counseling Services

Psychological Counseling Services: Provides comprehensive psychological counseling to all students currently enrolled at Williams. The services include: psychiatric evaluations, short-term individual or group therapy, crisis interventions, and medication evaluation, treatment, and follow-up.… Continue reading »

Peer Tutoring Program

Peer Tutoring Program: Faculty-nominated peers are available for almost every course taught at the College.… Continue reading »

Study Skills Corps

Study Skills Corps: A select group of trained peers who conduct workshops for students that focus on aspects of studying.… Continue reading »

Dean’s Office

Dean’s Office: The Deans help guide students through the challenges that many of them face, as they learn to balance the academic and non-academic parts of their lives at Williams.… Continue reading »